Question The new DisplayPort cable bewildered me


May 13, 2018
I purchased a new DisplayPort cable today. But I did not realize that it is different from my previous one until I have plugged it into my graphics card and monitor (and everything works fine). For my previous DisplayPort cable, there is a jack on the connector. I have to take pains to press it down (nails almost broke and the finger tip hurted for the whole next day) in order to pull the cable out of the DP port. But the new DisplayPort cable, which have "8K DP1.4" proundly printed, has no jack on the connector at all! Neither can I see any part of the connector that can be pressed by my fingers or indicates so. So my question is, does this new DisplayPort cable require the same way of being pulled out as the old one which have a jack? Do I need to press somewhere hard to pull it out, or should I just pull without pinching any part on the connector? Thank you.