Question The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s)

Sep 17, 2022
Window's disk management can be absurdly stupid at times. If you proceed it'll likely show an error anyway. When I had the same problem I just resorted to an alternative software.

The software I used? Forgot! However I would recommend grabbing GParted, writing it to a USB, booting off it, and doing your re partitioning there.


If you instead want to use what's on your USB already (I'm assuming a Linux distribution of some kind) you can simply boot off that, and use it's disk utility to resize partitions for your needs. Distributions like Ubuntu have these functions built into the installer.
I was trying to create new partition to dual boot linux and got this error. Is it safe to proceed or will it damage my computer?
No. Do not convert to dynamic disk.
Linux most likely will not support that.

MBR partitioned disk doesn't support more than 4 primary partitions.
You have to delete 564MB recovery partition first to create another primary partition.