Question The pc doesn't show display to the monitor after changing my processor

Sep 1, 2019
I recently as a test, i changed my old cpu's core to core 2 quad q6600 from core 2 duo e8400. It is a Optiplex 960 sff. After cleaning the fan i use thermal paste and put the cpu in but i cleaned the slots with tissue paper some tissue was left inside. i tried to get it to show display but it didn't. It showed an Amber light and 0 display. I tried to make the Keyboard run but it didn't show any lights either. I cleaned the ram, replugged in the GPu. It still gave me the same error. I even tried jumper but it still didn't work i don't really know where the jumper is but i tried that blue slot thing on everything that looked like jumper it didn't work. Please help me. It shows 234 on the CPu. I tried to reinstall bios but i don't know how to since it shows no display


Jun 22, 2019
Ahmmmm I think you did everything wrong that is possible, and fired the whole lot....

Why clean the slots? tissue paper.... hairy flamable bits... did you use 90% alcohol?

What did you "clean" the RAM with? and why....

Intsalling bios is alway has a certain amount of risk to it so how and why in God's name (or any other religions vesion) did you do it when you can't see what you are doing.

Applying and exposed electrical current to well whatever is a terrible idea, why not just look in the Mobo manual where the jumper is, it is also online if you google it......

I pity your ex-pc and just as an idea ask BEFORE you think of doing something you are not sure about with your PC, nothing anyone can do to help now I fear.