Question The pc keeps crashing.

Apr 26, 2020
The pc I built for my friend has a problem where it goes into recovery mode after opening games or upon startup, I tried doing advanced restore problems by resetting the pc and system restore to a saved time point but the restore to time point failed the reset at least got the windows working but when my friend tried to load up epic games he crashed.

cpu-Ryzen 3 1200
gpu-Gt 1030
mobo-x570 aorus elite wifi
psu-Seasonic 550 watt
nvme-Samsung 570
ram-2x8 2666 mhz gb


Jan 23, 2019
Okay first of all let me say that your specs confuse me.
You have an X570 aorus elite wifi motherboard ( which is quite expensive) and you've put a first generation ryzen 4 core CPU in it.
You have an expensive motherboard for a cheap CPU, yet you have a GT 1030, a GPU which is really bad for gaming.
You have an samsung nvme drive, which is one of the more expensive ones, instead of a small sata ssd and a hard drive.

Maybe the system keeps crashing because the GT 1030 can't run any modern AAA games?
The system isn't balanced in terms of price or performance at all.

If this thing continues to happen, reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes and then putting it back in again.
It could be some messed up BIOS setting causing system instability,

If that doesn't fix it, try booting off of a portable linux usb stick to see if the PC can boot into an OS properly.
If it can, but the windows problems still happen, it's a windows problem.
A fresh windows install will fix this.