The pc that likes to die and come back to life.....dead again


Feb 17, 2009
Hello, second time i've had this problem with current set up *Mobo p5q pro, q6600, 4gb ram, 4870 512 crossfire, dual booting xp and vista64 etc etc. Has been running fine for months.....well until.......

THIS: Had been running fine the first time before it "died" would not screen uhg. It did not work for over a week, tried putting in different parts, different psu......nothing. Then I decided one more try before getting a new one.......and it worked.....I still don't get what was wrong and why it started working again.

Now AGAIN black changes were made at all with the hardware. I don't feel like going through another week throwing in different parts, so is there anyone that has any idea what the problem could be. This is very very annoying to say the least.

Thanks for any help before I throw this pc out the window.


May 4, 2007
Have you checked your harddrive for corrupt data files? run try booting in safe mode, then run CHKDSK. wait a coupla hours then have a look at the various drivers on your system (last time i saw a failure like this, a wireless card driver was interfering with the windows wireless driver)
hope this helps. not all boot problems are hardware related ;)