[SOLVED] the pc turns off suddenly without showing off any messages since I upgraded my gpu


Nov 26, 2017
Hello, recently I have changed my GPU from a 1080ti that worked perfectly to a 3070ti Palit GamingPro. I have updated the bios and reinstalled the graphic card driver. The problem happens while playing games and sometimes on desktop , the pc turns off suddenly without showing off any messages.
I've done furmark benchmark for gpu , it didn't crash or anything .

i am not sure if the the GPU is the problem but it happened since i've changed my GPU .

I have a 800W power supply and a B450 strix F with 3600 . what could be the problem/ I have made sure all cables are perfectly fine. any suggestion??
How old is that PSU? Just turning off, sounds to me like a sign of a dying PSU. Seasonic makes the best PSU's, in general, but even they are capable of a dud, now and then.