The PSU 'buzzing' problem


Apr 20, 2010
Got the buzzing problem today in my brand new antec earthwatts 750. First tried it out with my (also new) gigabyte mobo and i5, checked all cables to make sure connections were solid, etc. Faint buzzing started as soon as I plugged the PSU into the wall socket, before I hit the power. No boot, no post, no fans spinning. Tried unplugging all non-essentials and then every cable, both tests got same results, nothing but the buzz. Tried swapping in a working rosewill 550 and...same thing?! What is going on here? I tried 4 different wall sockets with both PSUs, and I get the same buzzing/no power every time.

...I paid my electric bill, haha. What could be going on here?