Build Advice The PSU in my new build is constantly making weird noise (it's vertically mounted in Asus Prime AP201 case) ?


Mar 5, 2017
Hello guys, I've build this PC yesterday and the PSU is making different kinds of noises. Oftentimes when I'm just browsing its making a weird rough noise that I can not really explain but under load there is a constant humming which is very annoying and by far the loudest part of the build.
Could the issue lie in the vertical mount, which is neccessary for the case? Could you, in that scenario recommend anoher PSU for 100€ or less, whioch would run quieter, as that is a big concern of mine? Thanks in advance! :) - under load - no load


The G5 from ECGA is from 202 and the Enermax from 2019, what makes it so good compared to the EVGA one?
The EVGA G5 has an ACRF platform from FSP inside. A platform that strugles with recent GPUs. The Enermax has a proven platform with a LLC resonant converter made by CWT. LLC is superior over ACRF. Besides that the Enermax has better protections (multiple 12v OCP), better fan and is more silent. And 750w instead of 650w which is nice for future upgrades.