Question The RTX 4090 is only about 10% faster than the RTX 4080 in 1080p gaming?



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Nov 14, 2020
Everybody said 3070 at launch was overkill for 1080p and 2 years of that it becomes limited by its vram for enthousiasts who max everything with RT .
I thinkit depends of yourself , what games you play and what you enjoy in gaming .. If you wanna max everything or just obsessed with having better fps than the rest of the world buy the best you can afford. Otherwise buy any 8gb vram card and lower some unnecessary graphic settings and enjoy the game story, the gameplay , multiplayer with friends and forget about the fps counter
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its likely it gets bottlenecked by the CPU at that resolution, as stated... its not a 1080p card, its more for 4k

Not really a shocker since this has been covered since the first reviews came out.

Even a 4080 for 1080p is a waste of money

Yep... not sure why anyone would buy a 4090 for 1080p. 1440p it's debatable but makes a little more sense. For the foreseeable future there's nothing better for 4K Ultra gaming when paired with a high end CPU.
An RTX 4070 makes more sense for 1080p gaming. I didn't realize people would still be playing at 1080p and looking to spend more than two or three hundred bucks on a GPU. The price of 1440p and 4K monitors has dropped to a somewhat reasonable price (unlike GPUs).