Question The screen goes black as soon as I connect the steering wheel

Aug 15, 2022

About a year ago I bought a thrustmaster ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel at a good price and I used the steering wheel actively for about half a year. Now I decided to use the steering wheel again, but as soon as I connect the steering wheel to the USB port, one of my monitors goes black. When I click on the windows button on my keyboard, the monitor responds and works normally. The windows menu appears on the "non-functioning" monitor, and after dropping it, the monitor turns black again. As soon as I try to do something on the second monitor, which is working, every time I click, the computer freezes for 3 seconds, flashes through black, and the given task is afterward completed. As soon as I disconnect the steering wheel, I have to restart the computer. After restart, everything is working as always.

I also tried updating the steering wheel drivers, uninstalling the device and reinstalling it, and swapping the main monitor with the secondary monitor, but as soon as I swap them, the other monitor suddenly stops lighting up, and the one that was black is working. I also updated windows but still nothing.

I also checked every cable and they are all fine. When I connect the Dualsense controller, everything is okay, so the issue is in the steering wheel. I checked some sites, some forums, and some other people's problems but nothing helped.