The silent gaming monster rig build is complete! Thoughts?


Dec 17, 2012
Hi everyone,

So after a few weeks of research I've settled on a build for my new rig, be interested to see if anyone has any particular thoughts on it.

My plan is to maximise gaming on my rig while keeping it an all rounder for my other activities (bit of photoshop/drawing and research based number crunching). I eapecially wanted to pick parts that are quiet to try and make a near silent rig. I don't plan on overclocking at first but I'd like to be able to for when i get around to it. Also I'd like to have the option of SLI video cards later on as well as part of my attempt to future proof it as much as is possible.

Lastly my room is dusty and the screen gets abit of glare so these came into it too.

CPU - i7 3770k

Went with this one for gaming + my other interests which is why I didn't get an i5. I figured I'd get the K so it has the overclocking potential too.

GPU - Asus 2g GTX680OC GTX680 DC20 2GDS

Couple things went into picking the GPU. As far as va radeon in some of the comparisons I saw some slightly better performance overall but specific areas where it significantly dropped behind the GeForce. Also reviews say SLI is abit smoother than crossfire.

This card is supposed to be pretty silent and I'm happy to spend abit more for the smaller boost of 680 over 670.

RAM - Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) 1600MHz CL9 Vengeance CMZ16GX3

So ive read that activities on average might use up to 8gig right now
which seems a reasonable amount of RAM to have. I figured I'd go one level above because its not much more expensive, adds abit of future proofing and gives me some clearance above the theoretical amount of RAM ill practically use.

Even if pushing it in games I manage to hit 8.5 being used at once why not have the clearance to avoid those moments of struggle.

As far as choosing the corsair vengeance it was a recommendation, the other being the gskill ripjawz. I wasn't sure if there were compatibility issues with the ripjawz and the extreme6 Motherboard I went with.

**Question** Also I am working under the impression that going over 1600 for RAM isn't worthwhile.

CASE - Fractal Design R4 Titan

So the case is where the silence factor really came in and the R4 seems to constantly come in on top in reviews. I like the design though I'd prefer a right side opening front panel.

**Question** One question I have is how the case will do with dust.

SSD - Samsung 512gb 830 Series
I am so sick of running out of space for games on my SSD HD and splitting my steam folder across storage HDs. So I went for performance and space. Will be so nice to have 512gig of SSD room and the Samsungs seem to be the cream of the crop. No real practical difference for my uses between the 830 and the 840/840 pro so the price drop is worth it.

HDD - 3Tb ?WD/

Space!!!! Give it to me! Let me gobble it up! :D

CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

So firstly I decided no liquid cooling. Even on the slightest change of a leak and bunging up everything instantly, its just not worth the gain. Fans do fine and I do tend to throw my rig in the car and take it to friends places. All that jostling with liquid in my computer is abit scary.
As far as this fan specifically I was recommended it as quiet with good cooling ability.

PSU - Coolermaster M800W Modular Silent Pro GOLD

In my uneducated quest for power efficiency and quietness I relied a lot on the time hardware reviews here, damn they are useful. This seemed like a good balance.

**Question** I went for an 800w again for a safety zone of extra juice and so I have the option of getting another graphics card in the future to SLI. Does that sound right for this power supply?

MoBo - Asrock Z77 Extreme6 Motherboard

Again I relied a lot on reviews to make this choice. Mid range Z77 board, has potential for a second video card and overclocking with good reviews as far as build quality (hopefully it will last)

Monitor - Samsung 3D 27" S27A950 SILVER LED
**Yet to decide**

As the final and essential choice this one I'm still doing abit of research on. I want a 2ms screen for gaming with anti glare. I'm thinking 1440p would be nice for future proofing over 1080p. Other than that I'm still looking into alternatives. I don't watch 3D but I could DEFINATELY try if my monitor supported it. Also 3d gaming could be amazing, Dunno if anything even supports it (far cry?) 3d isn't a requirement for my build though.

All up including the screen it's coming up at $2500-2600 AUD as it stands with

Would love any thoughts by people more skilled at this sort of thing than me. Feel free to criticise the build or tell me what you would do differently, im honestly interested. I think ive reasoned out most of my choices and the monitor is the one thing im still working on :)

Thanks for any input everyone!



Dec 17, 2012

Thats part of why I picked the R4 :)