Question The sound and video are out of sync

Jun 11, 2020
I have an intel i7 with realtek highdef audio

I noticed few months ago that the sound and video on my online streaming have been out of sync, by a LOT, and it gets much worse if I dont restart the PC/ shut down (like if i was in the middle of a work thing id just put it to sleep mode then wake it up next day, and put on a youtube video or hulu or netflix, the auido will not be the same speed as the video).

Only thing that sometimes fixes it is restarting the PC
Ive updated the drivers, went back to old versions, but it doesn't seem to fix it

Some videos or softwares also don't even have ANY sound
Like if I try to stream audible from my web browser, it works from the audible app only!

sorry if this is the wrong section, I've been trying to fix this for weeks now and I cant get anyone to respond!