The stub received bad data./The remote procedure call failed.

Oct 3, 2018
First of all, any windows operated applications (going as far as the settings and the control panel) will NOT open whatsoever.

Having some knowledge in dealing with basic situations I had attempted to open up command prompt as an admin, just to get the message: "The remote procedure call failed."

Additionally, when trying to open up Windows PowerShell as administrator, I recieve the message: "The stub received bad data."

I have tried dowloading programs such as Hard Disk Sentinel, only to be greeted with the same message trying to open up command prompt.

As a little sidenote, I have not yet "Activated Windows" there is a little blip in the bottom right of the monitor still telling me I need to activate windows.

Thank you.


Win 10 Master
Normally I would suggest doing a repair install of win 10 - - which could fix this except that fix requires you to have a ISO of your currently installed version of win 10 and it just so happens, as of today, Microsoft have released a new version of win 10. So that fix won't work as the ISO you get from the media creation tool is version 1809, and I doubt you have that installed.

What I would do instead is try downloading the upgrade assistant from the 1st link here and run it on PC, it will upgrade your current install, replace the current install of win 10 and maybe fix this.