Question The Stutters


Oct 8, 2021
hello everyone! I have been having issues with a micro stutter on my system. it is not even a year old and it's been happening for a few months now. it isn't game breaking at all and there seem to be no other symptoms. it is a nuisance, and a lot of folks might say it's even negligible. but i notice it every time. its small only about 1-20 frames drop. often 1-5 and is often accompanied by a small bottom screen tear but not always. I think I feel it more than I see it. it happens in all my games too. Mostly when entering a new area or getting near other players. I don't overclock or mess with too much out of the box, so a lot is stock. I know it's hard to say what is causing the stutter. it's like finding a tiny blood clot in the body. but getting other opinions can't hurt.

below I will post what I have tried and my specs.

things I have tried.
-clean install of windows 10 all updated
-updated chipset and bios drivers
-clean install of gpu drivers with DDU
-changed xmp on/off
-disabled/enabled PBO for Ryzen
- tested prime 95 no issues
-tested mem test no issues
-tested on furman
-temps for cpu and gpu stay under 70 Celsius when gaming under load and idles around 38-40
-disabled/enabled vsync
- Gsync and freesync- no difference.
-tried hdmi and dp cable.
-ping latency is solid mid 20's
- lowered graphic settings
-eliminating background processes
-disable xbox game bar and game mode
  • tried gpu hardware accelerated scheduling on and off
  • tried disabling hpet and searching the event viewer.
  • turned off all led lighting software and peripheral software.
I may have missed some things I have tried cause there is so much I have tried, and it's been months.

here are my specs below.

MSI x570 gaming plus board
ryzen 5600x cpu
Nvidia 3060 RTX
16gb Crucial ballistix ddr4 3600 dual channel
Corsair CX 750M psu
Noctua dh15 aftermarket air cooling
Samsung 980 nvme for OS and some games
Samsung 840 evo for more games
Seagate barracuda hdd for other files
Windows 10 OS up to date
MSI Mag273r 144hz ips w/ display port. not officially gsync compatible.


For the sake of relevance, it's helpful for the community if you could mention the BIOS version, the OS and the driver version for your GPU. As a side note, what slots are you populating on the motherboard? Was the PSU recycled from another build? Have you used Samsung's Magician app to see if the SSD's have firmware updates pending?

Have you tried both HDMI and DP with different cables?

One other thing to try to have a friend over and give them a test of your system, without letting them know of the stuttering issue, much like a blind test. If they can't notice it, then you're overthinking this stuttering issue.


Oct 8, 2021
Sure thing! I have the most recent bios update which is version 7C37vAF released 12/22/21 from MSI website. GPU drivers are version 511.65 from Nvidia which actually came out today, so I did a DDU clean install of them while offline like I always do. I have everything up to date with windows 10 OS. other than the feature update version 21h2. last time i tried that update it made my system run all clunky and my temps where really high for my cpu. after i restored it to before that feature update. all that was fixed. i have rcent firmware for my m2 ssd. my other one didn't have any updates pending. As for the slots. i am just using the top pci for my gpu and another for my m.2 drive. no network cards no SLI. other two drives are sata.


Oct 8, 2021
And yes, my psu is from my old build. I bought it around the beginning of the pandemic. Had to replace very old one. So my current psu is about 2 and half years old and was used in an old build for about a a year and half. Now it’s been in my new build since June 2021.