The Tom's Hardware F@H Team Thread (Team 40051)

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Hey folders! This is the old folding@home thread. For the current and up to date folding@home thread, click here.

Due to a number of longstanding chronic issues with the previous threads, we present to you all a brand new thread, stickified with some extra strong adhesives, for our illustrious folding team! We have included the original thread in a post below for continuity sake. This thread include useful albeit outdated information.

Welcome to the Tom's Hardware F@H Team Thread (Team 40051)!

With coronavirus in the air (quite literally), it's time for us all to come together and do our part. Don't just sit at home and twiddle your thumbs during the quarantine, fold for science! With your help, and enough processing power, we can collectively fold proteins and find a cure for the coronavirus. No this isn't science fiction, this is Folding@home!

The Tom's Hardware Community staff has created a new folding@home team for the Tom's Hardware Community. We've included detailed instructions on how to join the Tom's Hardware Folding@home team below. But first, what is folding?

What is Folding@home?
Folding@home is a project started by Stanford University that allows anyone to donate spare processing cycles (from your CPU and GPU) to compute complex calculations in a massive distributed research network. You can learn more about folding@home here.

Among the more well-known diseases that benefit from this research are Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, many cancers, and most recently, the novel coronavirus, covid-19. If you’ve ever known anybody who has been afflicted by any of those, then you know how devastating it can be for them and their families. This is your chance to help combat these illnesses and all it takes on your part is leaving the program running while you’re asleep or at work! Every contribution will help in advancing treatments and, hopefully, will eventually lead to cures.

How can I join the Tom's Hardware Folding@home Team?
  1. First head to the official folding@home website and download the correct client based on your OS. Here is a direct link to the download page:
  2. Install the client. If you are windows, clicking advanced will allow you to decide when the software will start. We recommend for you to star the software at login.
  3. Start folding@home!
  4. A browser window should automatically open with the client running. Make sure to click the "Set up an identity" bubble before clicking start folding
  5. On the next screen set your name and team number. Make sure to join team 40051. Your name can be anything you wish, but we recommend for you to use your forum username if available. At the time of this writing the passkey generator was not working. The servers are really busy and there are not enough work unit's for all current participants. Some user's have had to wait a day or more for passkeys. To learn more about passkeys, click here.
With this set up in place your computer will provide work units to the team. Keep in mind, closing the browser does not stop folding. Folding is a background process. To stop folding navigate to and click "Stop Folding".

TO check the team's current stats, and your own, head to

What do all these crazy letters like “WU” and “PPD” mean?
All these letters are just short type for a full words:

WU = Work Units
PPD = Points per Day
PPW = Point per Watt or Points per Week.
TPF = Time per Frame
WTF! = Way to fold!

What is Bonus Points and Qualified WU's?
  • Bonus point is when you turned in WU earlier than what the deadline says and you earn extra points because it.
  • Qualified WU's mean certain WU's that can be turned in early for bonus points.
  • Except for some older Single core CPU WU's and older GPU WU's, All WU are qualified for bonuses.
What about overclocking?
While the F@H group doesn't "officially support nor oppose overclocking", you can overclock and gain more points.

The catch is however that F@H is more sensitive to instability than most other stress programs will detect. Even if your computer is "Prime 95 stable" for a week straight, it isn't 100% fool-proof on the cpu when it comes to folding.

F@H recommend using these stress programs that closely mimic how F@H run for both your GPU and CPU.

Wow you made it this far?! Kudos to you! Be sure to sign up now for the team. In the coming days there will be an announcement for a friendly competition between this and two other PC hardware focus sites. Stay tuned!

Happy folding :giggle:
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2016 Showdown vs TeAm AnandTech (198)

Welcome to the first annual Tom’s Hardware vs. TeAm AnandTech Folding for Charity event!

It is our pleasure to announce that the Tom’s Hardware and AnandTech Folding@home teams will be going head to head in a 1-week folding race!

What is Folding?
“Folding” refers to protein folding, a critical and fundamental aspect of biology. Folding@home is a distributed computing program organized by Standford University that allows individuals to contribute to their research, which in turn helps the researchers in combating the illnesses that emerge as a result of proteins not folding correctly. (For more information about Folding@home, please see this page.

Among the more well-known diseases that benefit from this research are Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, and many cancers. If you’ve ever known anybody who has been afflicted by any of those, then you know how devastating it can be for them and their families. This is your chance to help combat these illnesses and all it takes on your part is leaving the program running while you’re asleep or at work! Every contribution will help in advancing treatments and, hopefully, will eventually lead to cures.

How does this race work?
The two teams are almost always folding, but the race will officially kick off on December 1st at 1pm Eastern. It will end on December 7th, at 1pm Eastern, and the team that has accumulated the most points within that time frame will be declared the winner!

Who is conducting this race?
Purch, the parent company behind both Tom’s Hardware and AnandTech, will be putting this event together and sponsoring it. We can’t take all the credit though; none of this would be possible without the continued efforts of our dedicated folding team. Whether you can participate in this event or not, we hope you’ll show your support for everything they’re doing!

What’s at stake?
There are two things at stake in this race:
First, of course, are the bragging rights! As two of the largest tech publications on the web, Tom’s Hardware and AnandTech have always had something of a rivalry. This is a chance for the readers and forum community members to come together and settle the score—at least until the next competition.

Also at stake is a donation to charity. Purch will be putting up a modest sum of $2,500, to be donated to charity in the name of the winning team. We’ve chosen Child’s Play as our charity of choice.

Child’s Play is an international charity organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals and shelters. They use the funds they raise and the physical donations they receive to provide children with video games, toys, books, and other recreational activities. Tom’s Hardware is proud to support their efforts and we hope that our own efforts can bring a little holiday cheer to the children.

Can I participate?
Of course you can—in fact, we’re counting on it! This event is open to all of Tom’s Hardware’s readers and community members. Whether you can fold for just a few hours or for the full duration of the race (and possibly beyond!), every contribution counts. Remember, you’re not only representing your favorite tech publication in a battle for bragging rights, you’ll be making valuable contributions to research in the battle against cancers and other well-known diseases.

Ready to get started? Take a look at this handy guide, put together by a long-time member of the Tom’s Hardware folding team, warmon6.

If you can’t participate, then consider making a small donation to Child’s Play! It doesn’t have to be much; a simple $1 donation can go a long way, and if enough of us take part, we can easily raise hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on top of the donation that Purch has already committed to!

Have more questions?
Reach out to the folding team! They’re incredibly helpful and they are always happy to teach newcomers. This thread serves as their base of operations, and they would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

- Tom’s Hardware Community Team


For continuity's sake, here is a copy of the OP from the previous thread, with a number of useful links and guides, courtesy of warmon6.

Welcome to Tom's Hardware Guide Community Folding@Home Team 40051 !

The following links in the "Table of Content" leads to a guide on a different thread.

Table of Content:
1. What is Folding@Home?
1.1 What is the goal of F@H?
1.2 How does F@H work?

2. How do I get started?
2.1 Picking a User Name
2.2 Download
2.3 Passkey

3. Client v7 Installation
3.1 Windows Installation
3.2 Linux Quick Install Guide
3.3 OSX Installation

4. Client V7 features and setup
4.1 Slots
4.2 Flags
4.3 Remote Control

5. Sigs
5.1 Tom’s Hardware banner
5.2 Pico Stat Badge
5.3 EOC Stat Badge
5.4 Other Badges and sigs

6. Sites
6.1 Additional guides
6.2 Forums
6.3 News
6.4 Stats

7. About THGC Folding Team.
7.1 Team Rules

8. FAQ

9. Credit

Please come in and join us against the fight of these diseases that affect many people!

You can find the old thread here.
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I'm gonna go ahead and fix up some of the links in that guide post, since it doesn't seem to lead to the individual posts as it should.

MM, can you do me a favor and reach out to warmon6 (or do it yourself, if you've a few minutes) to update the "How do I get started?" section with a brief bit about joining the TH team? I know it's dead simple, but it'd be good to have it in writing for newcomers :)

Yeah I PM MM back but just going to mention here as well that I'll be busy with quite a few things till Nov. 11th. So im out of commission till then.

If someone else wants to take ownership or create a new guide, They're more than welcome to. :)
Is this like the CLEAN thread and we still trash talk in our old one, or how does this work????? :??:

Heading over to the AT site to join and trash their thread now. Anyone who wishes to join me is welcome to come along for the ride.:D

GO TEAM !!! Thanks EVERYONE for what you do.


Cleaned up a few posts in this thread. A news announcement should be coming within the week; keep an eye out for it! I've also updated the second post in this thread to answer a few basic questions about the event. Didn't want to create a separate thread and redirect traffic from this shiny new home of yours.

Anyway, we're all very excited and we hope you are too! Get started on your recruiting efforts, fellas. AT is already working hard at it, and you don't want to let them show you up!

Thank You. :( I know I was bad :( I'll try to be better.) :evil:

Is MOONING still allowed ????????

On the recruiting part.

All of that equipment in the labs is "Fair Game" According to their "RULES". :D

And maybe contact Asus, MSI Gigabyte etc... and see about a few giveaways for new folders.Mostly Graphics Cards, (Better PPD folding) but anything to draw attention to folding is very much appreciated. If any bite make sure parts are donated to both teams to give away.
Thanks AGAIN guys!!


Deleted member 362816

Hello, I have not folded in awhile. Since 2011 :(

According to my program I should Avg 750k points a day towards Tom's let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it.

Rig is in sig.

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Well that's not going to happen.
Is there a problem with the 1070 video card running this? Im getting what appears to be a common error, OpenCL.dll missing from your computer. It states to reinstall. Done that but no resolve.

Any suggestions?

If you open up the advanced control panel, click configure -> slots -> add. Then tick the circle for a GPU slot. This is also where you can remove folding slots or change them, eg. to use fewer CPU cores or drop CPU folding entirely.

Since a GPU folding slot will also require some CPU time, it's usually best to reduce the number of CPU cores you fold on. I've heard keeping one core open per folding GPU works well.

Guess the driver install didn't put OpenCL.dll in the Windows\System32 folder like it's supposed to. A driver reinstall should fix it, or you can manually download the file and put it in System32.
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