The Truth About Intel Xeon CPU's

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May 6, 2008
Hay guys.

You might have noticed a few posts I made on Xeons, and weather they would work in my System,If there Better made/more overclock'abe ect.

Today I got a hold of a guy from Intel on what the difference was.

He basically told me in his own way that there is Absolutely no Diff except these 4 things.

#1- Name
#2- no Idle State
#3- The low VID is 0.050v higher
#4- No Trusted Execution Technology

This Comparing the Q9650 and X3370.

So this actually kinda ticked me off.

Here you have people paying extra money for the Xeon's thinking there getting a Better CPU with better Silicon ect, when it's not.

I've read threads here on Toms where they thought it was a Better chip,or had better Silicon, NO! it is the Exact Same thing.

And I have no Idea why they would take Trusted Execution Technology out of a Server chip,seems to me it would help.

To find out more about Intel Trusted Execution Technology>

Anyway, Thought I'd give the low down on the Truth so nobody think there getting a Super Chip when there not.

To see these 2 chip side by side>,35428


Let me know what you think.

It is a better chip. They are the same die, but the Xeons tend to be binned higher, meaning that they will typically run at slightly lower voltage for a given clockspeed. It isn't a massive difference, but it does indeed exist.

Oh, and it also depends on which Xeon. There are Xeons available that fill niches that no consumer CPU fits in.
I commend you for the research and drawing your own conclusions about these CPU's. That is head over heels more than most people ever contribute here in the forums these days. But I would go the addtional step and agree with cjl that these CPU's are meant for servers, so they are binned higher, in other words, they are the cream of the crop. Better silicon? We yeah, that is kinda what it is all about. Xeons, when needed, will be picked from the best testing parts from a run. That does NOT mean that other parts which tested just as well will not be used for other processors. The only thing it means is that a Xeon chip is always made from the highest testing parts.....when they need to set aside parts for Xeons.


Apr 20, 2007
To echo the above statements, the Xeons are always hand-picked from the very best because their intended use in servers requires 24/7 use and/or 100% load for long periods of time so you simply MUST trust them to hold up under the strain.


little off topic :)
I hold Intel's cpu s in the highest regard. IMO , if there is one thing close to bulletproof, its the manufacturing/engineering surrounding the Intel cpu. Other than that , maybe German printing presses. lol
I always think back to this story with a Intel 486 cpu inside the Hubble Telescope. In the vast cold of space withstanding cosmic and solar rays/radiation beats a Intel cpu !


I'm pretty sure that would be a military-specifications CPU, one that ordinary folks couldn't afford unless they routinely buy $800 hammers and $2K toilet seats :kaola: .

Mil-spec parts are rated to withstand a much harsher environment than consumer-grade parts are - as you mentioned, radiation, heat & cold cycles, the onslaught of crazed AMD fanbois :whistle: ...


Feb 9, 2008
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain only the Xeons support ECC memory. I think the C2Q do not, which could be a downside in some servers.

I also remember a time when a Xeon, the X3350 I think, was one of the cheapest 45nm Quads you could get. Desktop CPU prices have gone down though since then.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

@ paranoidmage
The ECC support for this generation CPU comes from the chipset, not the CPU it self...

That's true on the Xeons with an IMC (bloomfield and lynnfield based). Bloomfield Xeons (LGA1366) also support multi-CPU boards, while Bloomfield i7s do not.


I like Xeons.

Nice and creamy.

Wait, we aren't talking about Oreos?

Xeons are priced roughly the same as their counterparts as long as they are the same socket. Different server-based Xeons which allow multiple CPUs are expensive because of this.
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