The Upcoming AMD RX 480 Graphics Card, Pictured

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Gargamel Shmidth

Feb 16, 2015
I can tell you, you will be surprised how well it performs !
I have some info from German site forums.
R390X/980 -> prepare to be punished by RX480 8GB...


Jul 31, 2015
Awe it's such a wee wittle card makes my 2 Sapphire 390x cards look very very I see no reason for me to upgrade to this card or cards except maybe to save on the power bill a bit and make some room in my system

[strike]I am not sure how you edit a comment from here but I wanted to add to my last comment this. [/strike]The truth of the matter is I think Nvidia pretty much surprised AMD with the 1080 and 1070 series cards because I do not think AMD thought Nvidia would be fool enough to run the new cards at pretty much their max clock speeds with little headroom left for any overclocking. I am sure if AMD wanted to they could have been just as crazy & clocked the RX 480 into a R9 490 at least & traded blows with at least the GTX 1070. BUt they choose the smarter path and are now going to target what was going to be their new highend card to replace the fury but instead choose to keep things chill and go for the more traveled mid ranged market and hopefully they make a fist full of money by doing this and get into a better position business wise. I also have a sneaking thought of that Microsoft may have had some dealings in this because of the revised xbox one 2.0 because 2304 cores seems like a really weird place to leave off with for the core count. I think we might find MS got the full chip for their new revised xbone 2.0 that is just my theory anyways if the xbone 2.0 does indeed have more cores then we know I was on the right path because we know MS is not likely to want to clock the hell out of the GPU to get that 6 Teraflops from it like AMD has done some what with the RX480 @1266MHz to get 5.5 Teraflops time will tell I guess because as it stands AMD has no option for a RX480x GPU if this is indeed the full Polarus 10 chip just saying.

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From the leaks I've seen, it's still slower than the GTX 1070, though it's also quite a bit cheaper. I think its main competition will be the GTX 1060.

No, it's standard for manufacturers to impose a moratorium on all the press to whom they provide pre-release samples. That's why all the reviews seem to magically appear on the same day. Breaking the moratorium could mean no more pre-release samples, or worse.

The point of this is so that sites like Toms can provide quality reviews that aren't overly rushed, yet are still timed within a certain window of street availability.


Jun 21, 2008
I am still using a GTX 670 and it is only this past year where it hasn't been able to preform at 1080p the way I want. This would probably be a fine upgrade to replace that.

I wish that were true but I've encountered far too many of these fanboys over the last few months, they don't really care. These are the people who bought the Titan X when it launched only to be trumped 2 weeks later by the 980 Ti for $400 less and still defend Nvidia. These are the people who buy into the whole "founders edition" crap that Nvidia has going on with the 1070 and 1080. Nvidia really boned it's board partners by marking the founders edition up by $100 and selling it themselves instead of through their partners. Great way to make money, piss of your fans, and screw your board partners all at once.


May 10, 2012
I swore that I'd never go back to AMD last year when I switched to the GTX 960, because of their annoying driver update regime....
I guess I have a future in politics, because my body is ready for this card! :D


Feb 23, 2015

Just proves what PT Barnum once said about idiots/suckers and how often they are birthed........


Dec 17, 2008
I'm waiting for MSI and Asus to release cards with custom coolers. If they're priced right, I'll buy. Don't really have a need for it as I have a GTX970, but I want one anyway.


Apr 3, 2001

I doubt this has anything to do with upcoming revisions of Xbox. It's got 2304 because that's how it works out with 36 of their current CUs. They're working on at least one larger chip (Vega) and possibly others. Anyway 6 TFlops is an estimate from MS and it could be achieved any number of ways. It could be a completely new massive APU on 14nm, or it could be an updated 14nm version of the current APU + a second chip (GPU) clocked lower for power/heat reasons. Or anything else, really. It's a console. Fixed-hardware console + low-level APIs mean they can divide it up however they want and you can break up rendering work efficiently.

Yeah the reference board for Polaris 10 is actually quite small! A third party cooler could very easily make this the go-to compact-build card for $200-250 depending on configuration. Since I have a reasonably large case I'd rather have a bigger one with a second power connection for massive overclocking... but I'm sure they'll have those options too. :D

I would imagine Polaris 11 cards are substantially smaller. I wonder if we'll see some decent half-height Polaris 11 cards for super-compact machines (small HTPCs, etc)?
Yea the PCB is rather small, but really the best part about that is what to expect from the RX 470/460. We will probably see this PCB less on RX 480 GPUs than any other honestly. The RX 480 is the high-end part in the line, everyone will want to push it to its limits, which means a decent sized dual-slot cooler. This PCB only has one place for a PCI-E power connector also, so OEMs will likely ditch it first chance they get for something with a single 8-pin connector or two 6-pins for additional overclocking headroom. There will be compact models, but most will probably go the other direction.

As for the RX 460 and 470, those could end up being extremely compact, as they consume even less power and will need even smaller thermal solutions. I'd imagine using the Firepro variant of the RX480 in compute systems will be awesome as well. You could crossfire four of the suckers and not need a 1000 W PSU.

George Phillips

Jun 17, 2015
This reference Radeon RX480 card looks great. However, based on currently available information, the clock rates of the card is much slower than Geforce 10 series cards that are also made by new manufacturing process. I wonder why is that??? Geforce GTX 1070/1080 can run at 1700MHz easily, but RX480 can run at about only 1250MHz in boost mode. What's is AMD doing?


Clock speed isn't strictly dictated by the manufacturing process. They actually have to design the chip to make a given timing target, which affects how it's laid out and how much work can be accomplished within a given clock cycle. However, I doubt that's what's currently holding it back.

There's also a tradeoff with respect to power requirements, and maybe they're keen on keeping it within 150 W, so that more people could use it w/o upgrading their PSU. For a lower mid-range card, this is pretty important, since it could mean the difference between the card costing someone $200 vs. $300 (if they also have to buy a new PSU).

They might also be leaving headroom for using a higher-clocked version in a RX 480X.


Mar 25, 2015
So... this card looks pretty short. will it fit into those small dell towers? keep seeing dell discounting i7-6700 skylakes with >8GB ram, >1TB HDD for pretty cheap. Of course might need to change out power supply and obviously find a GPU to fit.


Feb 10, 2011
I hope this card performs as well as the leaks have been suggesting. I have a GTX 660 in one of my machines and this would be an excellent replacement for it.

Agreed .... but the x80 has been AMDs only horse in the race the last two generations so it's kind of expected that they would lead with this. Still curious as to why the re;lease of the 960 Ti, expected in January, never materialized.

Though the 380 was clearly better than the 960, the problem last time around was that the performance return on investing just a few bucks more, got you a 970. Now w/ the 1070s selling well over MSRP, the 480 should easily find a niche

Don't follow the logic where a company is held responsible for consumers bad choices. There will always peeps who equate cost with performance. The TitanX was not a gaming card, it was a crossover card for the person who was using his PC as a workstation when "on the clock" ( where normally a Quadro would be used), and as a gaming box during "off hours". It, unlike the 980 Ti, performed exceedingly well in both scenarios.

Both cards abilities, again in both scenarios, were known and expected for those who cared to look. But "being the first one on the block with the new thing" and bragging rights about "how much you spent on your rig" have been the motivation for many a purchase for over the last 20 years.

Same with the FE cards, every nVidia partner is selling them so I'm a bit lost as to the the "ripping off their partners" comment. Who's selling the nVidia branded ones ? PCpartpicker has 27 cards listed, 9 are FE cards,... MSI, Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, Zotac, PNY, Gainward, Inno, KFA ... none "nVidia branded". I imagine Dell and other mass market builders have access but this is "the way of the world" for most products.

The cards will be in short supply, for the 1st few weeks and everyone up and down the chain is raking it in .... as can only be expected. Instant gratification should give way to "good things come to those who wait". Instead of complaining about it, if the consumer wanted to impact pricing, they could exercise some restraint, put their credit cards away until supply and prices stabilize and the 2nd stepping, tweaked designs are available at a lower price.

nVida and AMD have always started with "reference cards". Just as AMD is here, slapping a different name like FE on it doesn't change anything. Should be called the FOOB Edition (First One on Block) which announces to the world that card owners paid extra for a card that won't be as good, as quiet, as fast as the ones available few weeks from now. Impulse control will have far greater effect on pricing than complaining.

The only one responsible for the choice and price here is the consumer who rushes out to buy a card before the G1, Strix, Gaming, AMP, HOF, etc are available. PT Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute" which pretty much is an underlying principle of capitalism. What will a company charge for a product ? ... whatever the market will bear.
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