News The US Decides Huawei's Cool After All


May 21, 2014
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Seriously the entire article was pretty one sided. American companies can charge more money for items affected by the tariffs and not lose the entire amount, then they can shift their production to different countries in order to avoid the tariffs (this isn't protectionism against all countries, just a serious dispute with one country, a nasty authoritarian one). Chinese companies do pay for tariffs: they pay heavily as they can't take action to avoid the tariffs the way American companies are able to do so, especially in the long run. You shouldn't be comparing the costs to American companies vs. the cost to the Chinese government, but to their companies. I could go on, but there wasn't much attempt in this article to present any information.
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Ya, these days u gotta throw a couple pinch of salt on what u read, ALL SIDES have agendas.

To me is all boiled down to, we wanted access to the Chinese market, but somehow agreed to a limited access while we flunked ours wide open, sharing our technology (how dumb is that, shoot ourselves in the foot). Hoping to bring in China to the world economy makes them democratic (another big fail).