Question The usual "is my GPU too hot?" question. (New RTX 3060 OC) ?


Jun 30, 2011
Hi! I just replaced my MSI GTX 1650 Super with an MSI RTX 3060 12GB O.C. (link to it here.) The install went great and the card is working fine, but I'm keeping an eye on my idle and load temps with the new card on MSI Afterburner. The card is idling around ~60°C. This is several degrees more than my old GTX 1650 which idled around 40-45°C. I did notice a few reviews on Newegg that suggested the card ran a bit hot, so maybe this is normal? Strangely, the card temps seem to go down when in light use because I think the fans kick in slightly (they are very quiet) and bring the card temp down to around 50-55°C. It just strikes me as strange that the card idles at a higher temp than when in light use.

Three things to keep in mind:
1. I have a smaller case - decent airflow and fans but I'm sure it's adding a few degrees to the temp.
2. I live in a very hot and tropical climate that is experiencing one hell of a heat wave. So again, probably a few more degrees here. I try to keep my office/PC room at around 73°F
3. The card is Overclocked from MSI. So, based on my (very) limited GPU knowledge, it will run a bit hotter than average, right? this a cause for concern or will I be ok? I haven't played with a custom fan curve at all - maybe that is needed? Under load, the temps are 65-75°C but it usually doesn't approach 80°C, so I'm not too concerned there. The fans kick in when under heavy use. I'm not really experiencing any problems with the card other than just not liking the idle temp. Should I tinker more or is it fine? Thanks!
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The new card has MSI's "Zero Frozr" technology which means the fans won't run when the card is relatively idle. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, but it's why you have higher idle temps. The way to change this would be with MSI Afterburner and setting a custom fan curve or static fan speed.
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Jun 21, 2023
Given the criteria mentioned: smaller case, warmer environment, and overclocking, it appears that your GPU temps are within the typical range. The idle temperature of roughly 60°C is slightly higher than that of your old GPU, but it is not frightening. Under load, temperatures of 65-75°C are tolerable, and the fans are operational. If you want lower idle temps, you may try modifying the fan curve, but it looks that your GPU is fine and there is no urgent need for concern.

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