Question The VR headset cables

Nov 16, 2019
My question is for those who have used VR. I want to ask if the wire having the HDMI and USB 3.0 connection from the headset to your PC a nuisance ? Does it ever pull Ur pc? Does it disconnect on its own? Does it come in your way while you move in VR?


I never really had an issue with the headset cable on my Oculus (Used both Oculus & Oculus S systems). Even dodging, crouching or boxing it never really felt in the way. Also didn't have issues with any kind of disconnecting or pulling the system as I kept the cable in front of me and could tell when I was getting farther back. During setup you outline your space for VR so there really should be no way of pulling the cable from the system unless you ignore the barriers, not advised but it may occur in escape room games as you need quite a bit of space to move and they don't have much for teleport options. The only time I had issues was when I had the first Oculus with the sensors as they'd sometimes have to be recalibrated so I'd recommend the S version if possible as there's no external sensors (built into headset).
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