"The windows 7 home premium key you typed is invalid for activation. "


Jan 28, 2017
I just built a new PC with these exact specifications. (not that it matters)

AMD Athlon X4 860K
XFX Radeon R7 360
Gigabyte A68H
Rosewill R363
8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport
The 1TB WD Blue hard drive

I then installed windows seven home premium with a key that I got from Kinguin.net (Obviously not the most reliable source. ) Here is the link:


I then did another sketchy thing and got a windows ISO from this website:


I was skeptical that windows was going to install, but it did. Everything has worked perfectly fine, I have run multiple programs and games and I am actually typing this on the same computer. I have now had my computer for a week and a half. But I have one concern. A window popped up saying this:

"The windows 7 home premium key you typed is invalid for activation.
to activate window you will need to use the automated phone system. "

Underneath that it gave me three options:

1. Use automated phone system
2. Buy a new product key online
3. Type a different product key.

This window first popped up yesterday (January 28th). And it just again popped up today. I want to know if I will eventually get kicked off of windows or if I can just keep exiting out of that window and nothing will happen. It is confusing to me that It has not kicked me off already if the key was not legit. I have already been using my computer for a week and a half.

Why didn't you download the Windows 7 iso file directly from Microsoft? Then you would have known right away whether your product key was valid as Microsoft will validate it before the download. Who knows what else you have installed by using the second website you sited.


Edit: Try your product key in the line above and try to get your money back from Kinguin (assuming it will be flagged as not valid).


Windows 7 provides a 30 day grace period in which you can activate. That pop up will continue to appear daily until the 27th day. From then until the 30th day, it will appear every four hours. On the 30th day, it will appear every hour. Beyond that, I'm not sure. With Vista, after 30 days, the OS became all but unusable and word was that it was carried forward into Windows 7, but I cannot confirm that.

Your best bet is to simply purchase a new key from a legitimate reseller (Amazon, Newegg).

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 as listed on PC Part Picker.

-Wolf sends


Nov 23, 2011
Switch to Linux Mint Xfce 8)

I'm in the process of dumping Spying Windows 7 for Linux. I have been testing Open-Souce Web & Graphic Design Apps - long story short - bye, bye Adobe & Corel rentware nightmares!

The reason for using Xfce or LXDE/LXQt DE (Desktop Environments) they use little resources and are very fast on newer hardware. I like speed over a slick UI that tend to be resource hogs. Linux Mint is very Windows Like for the most part.