The WoodooTV FM card and some problems



I have bought a WoodooTV FM, but i cant make it work.

On my new PC, it simply hangs everything up, when the TV function is started, works fine in FM mode.
The new PC is a AMD1200C@1400,A7A266,V7100,512MB133,SBLIVE,40GBHD
Acording to the ramains of 3DFX, it can not run on the A7A266.

So i changed it to my old machine, an AMDK62450,V3400,SBPCI128,128MB100.
But now i can run the card and the VisualReality prog. but
the picture is not moving in the TV, but TV sound is ok, and it scans the channels fine.
The picture only updates when i move og change it, but wont 'run'.

Does anyone have any ideas about what to do ?
I have heard that it should be a very good TV card, when it is working.



I'd say make sure that your motherboard and videocard drivers are as updated as possible. I think that buying the Voodoo was a mistake, since 3dfx is now out of business and will no longer make drivers. I have an ATI all in wonder Radeon board and I had some video problems, but were fixed when appropriate and new drivers were installed. Also, what OS are you running. It probably and might very well have trouble with Win2000 or Linux, but should work with Win98/ME


I'm running WinME, on both machines, with the latest Nvidia 12.41 driver on the new machine, and an old Nvidia 6.50 on the old one.
Now i know that there is unreleased drivers that supports my Nvidia TNT card, but i only have the 6.50, so if you know where i can get a newer Nvidia driver for my Asus V3400 TNT card, i would be thakful.

The motherboards in both machines are upgraded, on both Bios,AGP,IDE,Cachutil, and whatever else Asus delivers.
So i should be Ok on that front.

Regards Brainmaster