Discussion Theory Crafting: Where is the 14 core Ryzen 7 "3920X"?


Does it seem kind of odd that AMD hasn't launched, as a matter of fact, any 14 core CPU on Ryzen yet? Especially now with 3rd Gen Ryzen, there is no 14 core variant.

I personally think it would be a great idea to make a 14 core, just to fill in that extra gap in the market where a 16 core might be a bit overkill.

Please sound off below with your ideas and views about this subject!


A limitation or flaw of the CCX dies perhaps?
The core counts of Ryzens/Threadrippers/EPYCs: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32...
4c = 1x CCX with 4 cores disabled, right?
6c = CCX, 2c disabled
8c = CCX
12 = 2x CCX, 2c disabled on each
*theoretical 14 = 2x CCX, 1c disabled on each
16 = 2x CCX
24 = 4x CCX, 2c disabled on each
32 = 4x CCX

Something doesn't work in odd numbers with Zen. Can't imagine what it could be though.
There's no cpu in it's product stack so far with just one core disabled.

Can't really compare it to the monolithic dies, though.
While there could be something technical in the design making odd number cores per CCX undesirable, I certainly can't think of any immediate reason why you couldn't have an 8 core CCX paired with a 6 core CCX.

Perhaps AMD doesn't see enough of a market for a 14 core CPU to cut into available yields and impact the availability of their current SKUs?

Performance and price wise, how would this fit into the existing line-up?

I think the 3900X and expected 3950X overlap enough of the HEDT segment that adding more SKUs at such a high price would distract or confuse customers, such as Intel's lineup.
Just a wild guess but it happened before *remember FX 8320 and fx 6330 for instance ?), they may be collecting partially unsuccessful chiplets to market them as "something in between" 3900 and 3950 and call them 3920 or something like that.