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May 5, 2009
Here is this what they have posted I don't know anymore specifics.

Registration for the highly anticipated 768 Mega LAN effort by GXL has arrived. GXL Unleashed is scheduled for October 30th - November 1st, 2009 for a 45 hour fun filled gaming event. Your experience is the number one priority as we've perfected the ingredients for non-stop excitment and a heart pumping gaming extravaganza. Seats are only $30 for the first few weeks of registration. It will be $35 thereafter and $55 at the door. As such, be sure to prepay for the event that's likely to sell out before the start of GXL's flagship lan party in October.

What to expect:

· 44,000 Square Feet of Gaming Floor including Sponsor Booths, an Extensive Console section linked to projectors with tournaments and Concessions.
· Comfortable Floor Design with High Quality Multimedia System Comprised of 2x 100 inch Projection Screes shining out full HD Quality Video Entertainment 24/3 to all Gamers.
· Public Information delivery system of high capacity speakers strategically placed throughout the venue for audio and paging capabilities.
· Dedicated server and switch resources including an ALL Cisco Network and High Performance servers for all public and tournament related duties.
· Seating up to 768 Gamers in the BYOC Section with 8' banquet tables and solid folding metal chairs.
· Gamer centric environment encouraging team communication and 'easy on the eyes' monitor glare prevention.
· Multiple Structured Tournaments including Professional Buy-in events for cozy cash prize pots.
· Dedicated quiet sleeping section for cots, bags, and keen shut eye grounds.
· Center Stage Arrangements for side events and tournament finals.
· Entertaining Side Games you've grown to love yielding awesome prizes and massive bragging rights.
· Concessions stand with great food selection, discounted caffeinated beverages including Bawls that's open on site the entire event.
· Tons of Great Sponsors, East Coast LAN Party support and more!

ALL proceeds benefit Millville Rescue Squad and NJ First Responder Emergency Medical Services.


The following are official tournaments for TheGXL Unleashed LAN Event: Pro-Series Counter-Strike 5vs5, Pro-Series Left for Dead 4vs4, and Quake 3 Arena Gametype TBA. Official rules for the tournaments will be available soon, and can be found in the event info section of the website. All Pro-Series events are Buy-in only with registration deadlines, see event-info on for more information on all tournaments.

Just some of the other happenings at GXL Unleashed:

-----Side Events-----

1. Quake III Arena
2. Dawn of War 2
3. COD4 Search and Destroy,
4. Trackmania Nations
5. Armegetron Advanced
6. TF2 - Team Fortress 2
8. Starcraft
9. Super Smash Brothers

--------Non-Gaming Side Events------------

1. Overclocking event
2. 3dmark event
3. Case Mod Contest
4. IRON Gamer
5. Ace of Spades
6. Lets Make a Deal

TheGXL Team

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