Question There is game frame drop when the AC adapter is suddenly connected to the laptop

Sep 30, 2022
Hi everyone!

I have a laptop Dell Precision M4800

When there is a game running on battery, the frames are ok, and when the adapter gets suddenly plugged in frame drop occurs

Brief :

1- If it is running from beginning on battery, frames are ok unless ac adapter gets suddenly connected.

2- If it is running from beginning on ac adapter, frames are ok.

What is the reason? and how to deal with it?

Thanks in advance

Math Geek

i assume this is a quick temporary dip that goes away as fast.

the reason would be windows changing power modes when it is plugged in. takes a second for it to change over and causes a quick hic-up.

if it lasts forever once plugged in, then check the power settings to ensure it is set to high performance when plugged in as it might be set to a lower mode which kills the performance.

one of these 2 is likely the answer to your question.