Question there is not enough free memory to run this program. exit one or more programs, and then try again explorer.exe and control panel can anyone from micr

Jan 17, 2021
can anyone help me? I can't open the main folders like windows explorer and control panel, etc. i cant run cmd sfc /scannow nor can i open system restore I can't open Control panel. It keeps saying error Explorer.exe There is not enough memory to run this program. Exit one or more programs and try again. then,The audio has an x mark, same with the internet icon has an x mark but I can use the browsers and internet.when I click the x mark in audio it says the audio service is not running, I think it happened after I edited permissions on registry key for deleting a Bluetooth adapter drivers (which i didn't delete btw) .

the problem persists in safe mode too. unfortunatrely i have no restore point nor a backup of the registry. anyone , please help. please note that the same exact problem was posted by someone on the microsoft community before and they reportedly have found an solution but it seems like the reply in which they have indicated the solution was deleted.this laptop contains all of me and my family's valuable photos and files and i dont want them lost. running windows 7 pro sp1 32 bit. please note that i can actually acess the files through a third party file explorer that i got from the internet but it seems like i have to have access to the control panel to be able to move files to another external hard drive someone please help me i'm literally on the verge of crying on the floor


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Your only good option at this point is to remove the hard drive completely, put it in an enclosure, and try to recover the files on another PC, using this drive as an external hard drive connected by USB.

There aren't a lot of other good options because you committed two very serious mistakes in addition to mucking around with the registry: you didn't keep a backup of important files and you started tinkering at all while you had no backup of important files. If these files are so important that you're upset if a hard drive dies, they were important enough to take proper care of.