Thermal compound or Heat sink thermal pad


Jul 11, 2008
Building my first computer. Q9450 quad core and plan to overclock. I plan to upgrade the CPU cooler to a Artic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 vs. the box cooler for better cooling. Need some assistance/recommendations on thermal compounds.

Is a thermal compound recommended?
Or is the thermal pad (?) on the Freezer Pro 7 sufficient?
How about Artic Silver 5?
If the Artic Silver is recommended, do I remove the thermal pad(?) on the Freezer Pro 7 first? If so, what is the easiest way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

The pad on the freezer 7 is excellent from the one time i used it(when i got my AC Freezer7 pro). I would just use it, but others may disagree, i was only shooting for 3.0 with a e6600. The best advantage to it is there is no way to mess up, its preapplied with just the right amount.

If you remove the heatsink you WILL need more thermal compound.

If you want to use AS5 to remove the freezers pad just scrape it off with a credit card. then clean the area with q-tips and 90%+(70 works but you need to re clean more times) alcohol(isopropyl alcohol) from the drug store.

Follow the instructions from the arctic silver website to apply the AS5 and your good to go.



Aug 17, 2006
What nuke said!

I didn't find it to be a good cooler for quads, though.

I like to stay under 60c at load, and the Freezer 7 pro could not do that with my old Q6700.

I upgraded to water, so never tried it with my Q9450, but it seems to run 10c or more cooler than the Q6700 did on water as well.

FYI, temps stayed the same on my 9450 till I passed 3.1 and had to up my voltage, then got real steep at the 3.6 mark. Running 3.41 right now with a mild voltage bump all round on cpu, mem, nb and sb.