Question Thermal pad thickness for vrms on Titan X 12Gb G5 Maxwell


Aug 30, 2017
Hello yall,

I'm currently working abroad till around next week. My close friend back home asked me if I could take a look at his gpu once I get back as while it still works, the cooling fan has been working faster and noisier lately plus the temperatures are all over the place.

Since it's a pretty old gpu and has never been touched before my best bet is to start with cleaning and replacement of thermal compunds. I have thermal paste and possibly even some ptm7950 back at my place so the core is not an issue however I'm positive I have zero thermal pads to replace on vrms.

I'd like to order it beforehand so it's waiting for me once I get back and I can start work on the gpu asap, however I got no clue about what thickness.
Gpu owner is not very experienced in this and I'm affraid if I ask him to teardown the card to measure pads he might damage it, plus after all this time I wouldn't be supprised if the pads are nothing but dust at the moment.

Does anyone knows by any chance or knows where to find out should I get 0,5, 1 or maybe 2 or 3 mm? My best bet would be 1 mm and I know I could "stack" the pads if needed but I'm not a fan of this solution.

Thanks in advance
If you don't like the "stacking" method you'd better buy 2mm thermal pads, they are soft so a little more of thickness won't hurt.