Question Thermal Paste for Mac mini (Late 2012)


Jun 4, 2018
Hi guys,
I bought an Mac mini last year, just to see what Mac OS is like, I mainly use as "storage" and to do some Djs.
it's a late 2012 Mac mini, core i5, with 4 GB of RAM (just waiting for the 8 GB to be delivered do upgrade it), 250 GB SSD, 500 GB HDD as internal storage and around 5 TB HDD as external storage via usb 3.

I recently monitor the CPU temperature, and even with low cpu load (like writing this post the temperature reach and remain around 70%.
I know that Apple tend to set their computer to run close to the t-junction temperature but I really want to cool this mini down.
I don't think that the higher temps are due to restricted airflow/bad position, I clean it 1 month ago and generally I open it up every 6 months.
Since I have to open the mini to install the new ram kit, I have in mind to replace the cpu thermal paste and here is my doubts.

I saw some video about apply a liquid metal cpu paste which cools a lot and on the paper it seems the best option

Since you probably are more expert than me I gently ask you what thermal paste I should use and why, bringing me advise about the best thermal paste.
I'm beginner (kinda), I already done some thermal paste replacement but I'm still in the earlier stages and I'm not so expert about it. What do you guys suggest to do?

and of course, If you have another approach or you have something else in mind feel free to write it down below.


Intel Master

The most recommended liquid metal TIM (Thermal Interface Material) is Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut.

For comparison, here’s a short list of TIM in order of thermal conductivity:

Liquid Metal

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut ... 73.0 W/mk
CoolLaboratory Liquid Extreme ... 41.0 W/mk
CoolLaboratory Liquid Ultra .......... 38.4 W/mk
CoolLaboratory Liquid Pro ............. 32.6 W/mk


Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut ............ 12.5 W/mk
Arctic Silver 5 ........................................ 9.0 W/mk
Arctic Cooling MX4 ............................ 8.5 W/mk
Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme ........... 8.5 W/mk

Also, for further reference here's a link to a comprehensive Tom's Hardware review:

Thermal Paste Round-up: 85 Products Tested

CT :sol: