thermal paste/pad on pentium 4 processor?


Aug 5, 2003
Hello everyone, I am ready to put togehter my first computer and have read the guides and such on the website. I had a quick question, in the THG computer building instructions it has a page on thermal paste. I have a retail boxed pentium 4/2.4 ghz 800fsb processor that I am putting into an asus p4p800 deluxe board. I just wanted to make sure that the pent 4 has a thermal pad on it when sold retail, I looked at intel's website and it wasnt real clear and I dont want to miss anything. There is a black square area under the fan/cooler that would be situated right about the this the thermal pad? So I can just install it right over the cpu right? The guide with the processor really doesnt say much, just a warranty in a dozen languages and a few pictures of basic installation in the back. It doesnt refer to thermal paste or pad in any way there.I am thinking that there is a thermal pad already on the bottom of the fan, but I wanted to make sure.


Jul 18, 2003
Yes, the black square that you see underneath the heatsink is the thermal pad. All you have to do is clamp the heatsink down.

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Yes, the black square is the thermal pad. I would use it to keep your 3 year warranty valid. No need for thermal paste, unless your into extreme overclocking. To install, simply lower the heatsink onto the cpu, then engage the black plastic clips on each of the 4 corners. They snap onto the mobo retainer bracket. Then lock it down by closing the 2 levers.


The black thing is a thermal pad. Well, not really a pad, but it does the same thing. It's very good, but not truely great. You'll probably see a bunch of ASIII fanboys come in here and say "it's junk, use ASIII", but I've actually tested these things and find them to be quite adequate. So in this situation, my opinion, and that of those who agree with me, are the only opinions that matter. I see you've already heard from a few equally inteligent members.

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