Question Thermal Paste that Comes on Ryzen's Cooler


Feb 14, 2010

I heard that Ryzen 5 3600 comes with thermal paste pre-applied
on it's cooler.

Is it any good? Who knows how long has it been lying there so
I am wondering about quality.

Should I go ahead and install cooler or replace stock thermal paste
with Arctic's thermal paste?

Any known information about temperature difference between stock
and, say Arctic's MX thermal paste?
I wouldn't replace the stock least not yet.
I'm bad can it be? it was put there by the manufacturer.
I would use it as is and check the temps.
If I was unhappy with them....then I would change it.
Nov 19, 2019
I've been using Ryzen 5 3500 with the stock thermal paste, and it stays around 38-40 C when on idle, 45-50 while browsing, and 65-75 while gaming.

But the thing is, at higher temperatures, the processor does not hit the max boost clock which is 4.2 GHz, in my case, it stays around 3.8 GHz.


the heatsink comes with a thermal paste that is not liquid, is more like a very soft thermal pad

is a preapplied ammount, only usable for one time, when you remove it, you need to clean both the cpu and heatsink, it usually tears or melts

i am using the preapplied one right now on a wraith spire, all is just fine, it works perfectly fine, nothing to report bout it

just in case i bought some arctic mx2, i do like more a more thick thermal paste than a liquid one that just evaporated in a couple months, o if i need to remove cpu or heatsink i will use that mx2

the one that comes preapplied is meant to last there for many years if you never remove the heatsink, that is why it looks so different but is just thermal paste noneteless, is expected to last there working well for around 5 or 7 years, i had one that after 8 years it was still soft and humid, was a pita to remove from the cpu, it was almost glued together, a shame i had to remove it from there

if you already have a good thermal paste to replace the one in the wraith spire, remove the applied one and put yours if that makes you feel better, but if you don't have it, install it and just enjoy it