Question Thermal problems with Asus Phoenix 1660

Oct 26, 2020

As stated above, I have some troubles getting lower temps on my gpu. I have already reapplied the thermal paste, and put a new fan in my case, which is blowing cold air (from the bottom) directly to the gpu fan, but it helped nothing, not even one degree. I have overclocked the card, but with stock clocks the temps are nearly the same. While I'm gaming it reaches 80-84 degrees. Because of this the gpu won't turbo up to the maximum. What should i do? I looked up the aftermarket coolers and found the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV rev2.0 which I think would helped me. On the other hand I'm trying to get this done as cheap as possible, i dont really have money at the moment for this. Any suggestions?


Sep 22, 2020
Hey, its okay i do have the same gpu and my maximum is 83c, it wont hurt your GPU at all, if your problem is only throttling, just download MSI afterburner or ASUS GPU TWEAK II, after you download open any of these and set your GPU temp target to 90c, and if you okay with fan noises just put the fan speed to 100%.


Asus Phoenix 1660
Typical outcome from products at the bottom of the product tier.
They give you a barely adequate cooler, oftentimes you have to run the fans at 100% to get decent temps, but the fan(s) are loud.
You get what you pay for applies here.
If you like Asus, only look to TUF and Strix models next time.

Since you're already applied new paste, run the fans at 100%.
If you're already doing that, then the cause of the high thermals:
-Poor heatsink to gpu die contact
-The GDDR6 memory does not make contact with the heatsink or does not have their own heatsinks attached. Unlike with the older GDDR5 and R5X, air cooling alone isn't sufficient for R6 and R6X; if they aren't contacting the main heatsink, then their need their own sinks.
Or it could be a combination of both.

If the memory isn't making contact with the main heatsink, nor does it have its own, then I suggest adding your own, like these, for example:

Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV rev2.0
Compatibility aside for a moment, this thing is massive; it literally turns your gpu into a 5 slot model...
Bringing back compatibility: it may not even be compatible with your gpu.
The following is taken from the spec page for that cooler:
[** Accelero Xtreme IV is compatible only with the graphics card using a standard size PCB with a width of 98mm.

Graphics cards with different dimensions will not be compatible with this cooler. This includes:
-Low profile Graphics cards
-Graphics cards with extended PCB (such as : ASUS DirectCU II R9 290, GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5)
The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA's reference board layout only; custom PCBs aren't guaranteed. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase.
In most cases it is not possible to install the cooler when the graphics card is mounted in the first PCI slot of the motherboard.]

FYI, that card starts thermal throttling at 83C with emergency shutdown at 89C - but it has to sit there for an extended period of time to trigger that protection.
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