Question Thermal solution for i9-10980XE in LGA2066?


Dec 3, 2016
I'm building a system with an Intel i9-10980XE CPU and an EVGA X299 FTW-K motherboard. The 10980, which uses an LGA2066 socket, does not come with a thermal solution, so I need to choose one. At its base frequency of 3 GHz it has a TPD of 165 W.

I will overclock sparingly, if at all. The purpose of the system is to do high-performance computation, so the CPU will usually be running all-out.

I'm looking for a recommendation for a suitable thermal solution (cooler + thermal paste), with minimum noise.


Intel's TDP only applies at base frequency. With Intel Turbo Boost in the mix, toss that 165w TDP out the window...
Hybrid cooling and custom liquid are really your only options here.

Hybrid cooling: 360mm performance. Avoid low noise, or silent models, as they sacrifice performance to sustain those quiet profiles, thus perform on par with 280 and some 240mm performance units.
There's a couple of 420mm models, but knowing what the weaknesses of hybrid coolers are, I have to question how effective that is over a 360mm performance...
You also need a chassis that supports those sizes. I suggest one of the open mesh variety.

Custom liquid: I really can't help you here, but know that it's expensive and requires a lot of homework on your end.

Very little difference even between the top end pastes. Its purpose is a bridge between the cpu and cooler, and contributes little to actual cooling.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 360, Cooler Master ML360R, EK AIO 360 D-RGB...
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, Noctua NT-H2, Arctic MX-4... ¯\(ツ)