Thermal throttling/fan issues


May 26, 2009
Please help, I've been put through hell by HP's customer support!

Okay, here's my problem. I have a HP pavilion dv7-1240us that I bought in January. About a week ago, its fans stopped running at full-speed like they used to. This causes my CPU to overheat sometimes when I played WoW, something that NEVER happened before. My system then activates some sort of throttling control, and the whole thing freezes up. I've cleaned out the vents with compressed CO2, updated my video drivers, flashed the BIOS, and tried to up the fan speed using a program called 'SpeedFan'. However, when I tried to configure fan speed, no devices showed up, which makes me think that it isn't compatible with newer computers. I've asked people on the HP forums whether I can go into BIOS and change the fan speeds that way, but they say that it's really limited on the newer computers. Please, does anyone know what I can do to fix this? If I get one more person telling me to reinstall the video drivers, I'm going to scream!


Nov 20, 2007
Replace the fans, connect them to a standard molex, get a fan controller to turn them down. If it's your CPU fan too, get a better CPU cooler.

Whats probably happened is the fans always on high degraded the fan circuits.

Something broke, take the PC to an HP repair facility. Or just replace all the fans.