Question Thermal Throttling issues

Mar 3, 2021
So I have an ASUS TUF FX705DT and here are the following specs:
Ryzen 7 3750h
Geforce GTX 1650
Windows 10 Home Single Language
So the issue is, whenever I play any game (in this case it's Witcher 3 and GTA 5) it thermal throttles at 70 degrees C CPU temp and causes lag for 4-6 seconds before it returns back to normal, just recently changed the thermal paste and pads as well but still no difference, is there a way to remove/increase the temp limit of this CPU.

FYI GPU temp stays between 80-85 degrees and Ryzen Master and Throttlestop aren't compatible with this CPU.
Mar 3, 2021
Have you actually monitored CPU clocks and seen them drop?!
Both of these games are horrible in the coding for PCs because they are made for consoles first, if not only.
I use IOBIT Game Booster to monitor temps and fps, (MSI Afterburner runs into an error that I can't find a solution) And I can confirm that it drops only when the CPU Hits 70 degree Celcius
I see many complaints about gaming laptops not performing well.
Usually gaming while plugged in.
One common cause is thermal throttling.
Laptop coolers must, of necessity be small and light.
They are also relatively underpowered.
If you run an app such as HWMonitor or HWinfo, you will get the current, minimum, and maximum cpu temperatures.
For intel processors, if you see a max of 100c. it means you have throttled.
The cpu will lower it's multiplier and power draw to protect itself
until the situation reverses.
At a lower multiplier, your cpu usage may well be at 100%
What can you do?
First, see that your cooler airways are clear and that the cooler fan is spinning.

It is counter-intuitive, but, try changing the windows power profile advanced functions to a max of 90% instead of the default of 100%
You may not notice the reduced cpu performance.