Question Thermal throttling- my "gaming" laptop cannot run any game without lowering to 15 fps.

Sep 30, 2023
Hello, this is my first forum post here.

My laptop is a Dell G7 bought in early 2018, and in mid 2019 it started thermal throttling and never looked back. Even after cleaning its fans, putting books, it just wouldn't stop getting to high temps.

Until yesterday, I fixed the temperature problem quite a bit by disabling Intel Turbo Boost and BD prochot on ThrottleStop with custom settings, so it's quite cooler than before but still, the laptop thermal throttles at around 77*C which is quite cool compared to what others run theirs at.

CS recommends me the highest settings on my laptop but I can't even run the game at the lowest settings and the lowest resolution without getting to 15 fps.

My questions:-
1. Is there any way I could disable thermal throttling, or put the temperature where it throttles much higher?

2. Is there any way I could run the fans at max speed whenever I play games because I don't even hear them, at this point I just want to play CS.

I'm not sure its the GPU or CPU which throttles, but I've seen the GPU at 70*+ temps.

Windows 11
Intel i7
Gtx 1060 maxQ
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