Question Thermal Throttling


Oct 21, 2017
Hello, i'm currently using a laptop with an 8300H and a 1650. It was very very cheap and as a surprise to no one, it thermal throttles. now my aim is to make this laptop last for a long as it can and i don't think that's gonna happen if the CPU stays pegged at 95degrees while i'm gaming. Fortunately i was able to use throttle stop to make sure the cpu stays in check the rest of the time. My only question to you is what else can i do? I was thinking limit the cpu frequency, but the only thing i can change is if it turbos or not and while the turbo's off the performance is barrable, but i play a lot of cs, ok I pretty much just play cs and as we all know, its a cpu dependent game. I wanted to open it up and maybe clan the fans, or preplace the thermal paste, but honestly, i don't know if that'll help and if it's even worth voiding the warranty. Any help or insight is appreciated.

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Hey there,

You pretty much have it right already.

The options to reduce temps are:
  1. Undervolt
  2. Replace thermal place.
  3. Disassemble and clean fans thoroughly with compressed air.
  4. Laptop cooling pad.
Similarly I use TS to limit CPU clockspeed. I've 3 profiles.

All cores at 3.2 for most things. Cores at 3.6 for most gaming. 4ghz all core (max all core for my CPUi7 9750h) for best performance.

In terms of thermal paste, yes it will show results. I used Arctic MX-4 and it has worked a treat.

Where the CPU at 4ghz+ would be hitting 95-97c playing BF V for a few hours, now it maxes at 85c. The difference in noise alone was worth taking the laptop apart. As far as I understand it, yes, replacing paste will void warranty. But most warranties (unless extended) are 1 yr manufacturers. In my case it was worth voiding the remaining time on my warranty.