Thermalright IFX-14, WILL IT FIT?! :O


Jan 13, 2009
So seeing how huge the thermalright ifx-14 is, wondering if it'll fit on a asus p6t deluxe v2 MB, with radeon 4890 in CF, if anyone has this cooler, please do tell if it would fit or not. Also, does this cooler have any issues? Like because of its size it loosens its mount or something like that, little tips
OK! The power supply in an Antec Twelve Hundred case is installed in the bottom of the case. It will not interfere with the heat pipe extension and extra cooling fins at the top. I looked at the IFX-14 installation manual and that seemed to be the main concern. I also took a look at photos of the Asus P6T motherboard. It does not appear as if cpu heatsink will interfere with any of the motherboard components. You should be okay.

Here's a link to an excellent technical review over at xbitlabs:

I strongly suggest you read the entire review and then decide if the heatsink meets your personal requirements.