Question Thermals Issues with Ryzen 2400g

May 14, 2020
Hi, I have Ryzen 5 2400g on MSI B450-A pro Motherboard. Ive decided to OC iGPU. So Ive installed Ryzen master, until now I was not really giving any attetnion to my system. Issue is that Ive noticed that my CPU is running 40-50 °C idle even without any load when Ryzen master shows low clocks. Im not an expert but I know more power means more heat and I noticed that my CPU runs at 1,4-1,55V, in bios its set to auto, I dont understand why my system tendts to overvolt cpu, since Ive read that many people run this CPU on 4Ghz 1,37V and iGPU 1500-1600 Mhz.

I've created several profiles, but sometimes system freezes or I get video TDR failure BSOD. Can you please help me. I have most recen BIOS and I use wraith prism cooler and I get min 36°C on those setting at 3000 RPM, 39°C are on 600 rpm only... I swithed to this cooler since wraith stealth was too loud and my backup Arctic freezer Xtreme was not getting good thermals either. (case has good airflow 2 intakes 2 top exhausts and 1 back exhaust)

This settings dont change thermals significantly, its idle at 600Rpm