Thermaltake A1092


Dec 16, 2005
Ok so I bought this cooling kit off ebay and the support people at thermaltake obviously aren't english they keep sending me e-mails that I don't really understand.

Basically this kit has a few blue mini heatsink things and 2 things to clip on to ram to cool stuff down.

The thing is I don't know if this stuff is ok for my system.

I just wondered if anyone could tell me whether this stuff will be ok for my x800gto and pc3200 ram?

The pack comes with instructions but I just want ot find out whether i can use the stuff.

Also I got 2 extra little heatsinks with it and I was wondering if i could put these on my mobo somewhere and if so where?

I have asked thermaltake but I got nonsense replies from them:

"The Heat spreader is suitable for SDRAM and DDR .
And the heat sink is for small chip in the graphic card only not for VGA

"For this model only have Heat spreader and two heat sink for chipset without VGA cooling fan"

I don't know what to make of any of that......

He also proceeded to recommend me expensive water cooling which I'm not doing.

I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me - thanks!!


Oct 16, 2001
The Heatspreaders should be fine for your system memory. Are you OCing them? If not, you probably don't "need" them, but they certaintly won't hurt.

As for the memory sinks, if they are open, they certaintly won't hurt. If they're covered already by the stock cooler, they won't do much.