Thermaltake Commander MSI Cable Management/Mods


Mar 21, 2012
So I'm pretty picky about cable management in my pc's. My latest build is this--------- AMD PHENOM II X6 1055T,MSI 890 FXA-GD65, HIS RADEON HD 6790 ICEQ TURBO, THERMALTAKE TR2 RX 750W PSU Fully Modular, CORSAIR H40, 500GB WD HARD DRIVE 8GB HYPER X RAM, DVD BURNER and the case

So far the best i could do with cable management is this
It's probably not going to get any better, so to hide the cables i thought i could do something like this!/photo.php?fbid=10150508360922551&set=o.17437970300&type=3&theater
But i dont know what to use for the coverings, should i use modders mesh and spray paint it white or what???????/