Question Thermaltake Core P5 Riser Cable Issue


Aug 30, 2018
Okay, so I just got a second handed Thermaltake Core P5 Case today. And I am having issues with the riser cable. Now I've seen that this has been actually quite a known issue but for me I think its a bit different from what others are experiencing. See when I use the cable the boot screen comes up and even the windows logo screen shows up but then I get a black screen. What's interesting is that if I load up windows in safe mode it's working fine and I get an image and no sttutering or glitch or anything. If I then remove the AMD Catalyst driver and go into windows again I have image. But then if I try to install my graphic cards driver the screen goes black and my pc crashes during the installation and then I am left in a reboot loop. Can someone please help me out and tell me if this is actually fixable.

Cpu: Ryzen 3600XT
Motherboard: X470-F Gaming
Gpu: Radeon HD5850