News Thermaltake Divider 300TG Lets You Take a Peek With Half Glass Side Panel


Aug 3, 2020
From the article said:
However, the question is, why vertical-mount the GPU if the side panel covers up most of it?
For better airflow, of course.

Edit: after looking at how closely the vertical mount places the card to the side panel (thx @DSzymborski), it's pretty clear that for this case at least, vertical mount would only harm airflow)
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For better airflow, of course. Believe it or not, there are people who care more about the performance of their system than the visuals.
Then again people who care about performance should steer clear of this case to begin with. It basically does not have front intake fans so the ability to vertical mount a GPU in a volcano like environment seems a bit moot to begin with. For the uninitiated, a large pane of glass in front of 3 120mm fans leads to practically zero airflow with only small plastic slots on the sides.


Feb 12, 2015
"Next to an ATX motherboard, the case has room for GPUs up to 390mm (360mm with radiators), 180mm power supplies (220mm without the PSU cage), two 3.5-inch drives and five 2.5-inch SSDs."

Why they offer five 2.5" slot and only two 3.5" slot ?????

If you want speed, you will choose NVME SSD which offer more performance than 2.5" SATA SSD. I do not think that many of people who purchase this case will use U2 2.5" SSD which is rare and more expensive.

If you want space, you will choose 3.5" HDD which offer more storage capacity than any 2.5" Drive (HDD or SSD).


There are 4 corners they could have aligned the glass side panel with, and Thermaltake picked the second ugliest one (The ugliest would be if you were looking at the bottom right instead of top right).
If the half side panel is simply to save weight/cost, they could have at least pointed the window at the parts that people want to look at-.
I think what bothers me most, is that this design would make complete sense if there were a cutout in the metal section of the side panel for a GPU fan. But as-is it is just sorta dumb or at least not very well thought out.