Question Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB Not Working With Aura Sync

Nov 8, 2019
Hello, my friend and I recently went and built some new computers and had a small issue with our Thermaltake case. We bought the Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB case and can't seem to get it to work right with Asus Aura Sync software. When we change the 3 fan mode on the front to Motherboard controlled, only one of the fans will be lit up. Using the Aura software we can't seem to get all three fan lights to light up when its on M/B mode, on the normal case controlled mode, all the lights work properly. Sometimes I was able to get all the lights to light up with the software by changing the amount of strips or headers, but then it would soon refresh and go back to only lighting up one case fan light. I emailed Thermaltake and they asked me to fill out an RMA forum to replace the fan control PCB, but I find it hard to believe that both my friend and I have the same case issue. We are both using the Asus Tuf Gaming Pro Wifi X570 Motherboard with exact same hardware and we both have the same issue. We made sure to plug in the fan control cable to the Aura Addressable RBG Header Connector, and we powered the fans with the sata power cable. I was hoping someone had a similar issue that they resolved somehow. Any help is welcome, thanks.