Question Thermaltake Riing plus fans


Aug 5, 2017
Hey guys, forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

I purchased a set of the Thermaltake Riing plus fans, I know, they are aged, but I still like them.
I have always had the exact same problem, as soon as I get them connected, for whatever reason, the Windows screen saver does not turn on, ever.

I have tried downloading a few other different types of screen savers and still, they just won't turn on.

I have tried to look at the settings in the software supplied, but does not seem to be anything there for fixing this issue, nor can I seem to find an answer on Mr. Google.
They are about the only fans that do this, never had this happen before and when I swap out for Corsair, or Cool Master fans, the screen saver comes on just fine as it should. Put these back in, and again, just does not trigger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to shelf these fans.


Hi, it seems to be the software itself that is causing the issue. You are not the first to report it as seen by this thread:

Unless there is an update to fix it, then there's apparently not much you can do about it.

Another similar thread with a possible fix: View:

But one person said it didn't work for them.