Thermaltake Symphony Mini Mod?


Apr 10, 2009
Hi All,

I recently received a thermaltake mini liquid cooling unit with the intention to replace the pumps and water block (I basically bought this for the external radiator and enclosure which blends in well in the living room).

I am wondering if anyone else has any experience with modding this system as I am unsure whether I should go through the trouble of upgrading the tubing as well. I know that 1/4"ID tubing is weak but by utilizing a reasonably powerful pump (Swiftech MCP655) I figured I would be okay.

As it is, the system was shipped unusable. The liquid does not flow past the second pump and if I remove that pump the liquid doesn't move at all. This is my first water cooling experience so I am not sure if the pump is the only problem here or if I might be having problems somewhere in the tubing line (I made sure no kinks were existent). Does tubing get clogged often? Are there any known issues with the symphony's quick connect tubing?

Any help is appreciated!


Jan 15, 2009
Tubing is cheap--what gets expensive is the connection barbs to match, but generally speaking any hardware store will offer the varying connections joints to match everything up. I've never used the mini, but the main thing to look for is the smallest, most narrow point that you can't remove or replace--that will be the limiting factor for cooling.

Properly set up, you shouldn't get any clogging in the system, though.