Question ThermalTake Sync Controller TT Premium Edition: How to streamline RGB fans control via AURA

Sep 14, 2019
Hello Everybody,

I am about to plan my next build. First time building some RGB Bling. However, I am confused about the power requirements and overall compatibility.

I build on ASUS for the AURA support, so that I don’t need too many different software apps to control the RGB. Thermaltake provides a controller for 9 RGB units compatible with AURA. The idea was to connect all 9 fans to that controller, plug it into one ARGB header on the motherboard and the Phanteks case to the other header. However I read that the TT controller only can power up 4 to 5 fans via 5A SATA. Does this mean I have to use one of the provided Molex Thermaltake controllers directly on the Motherboard header? That would prevent me from connecting the RGB of the Phanteks case.

Or is it viable to use the Molex controllers and connect them to the SATA Thermaltake Sync Controller TT?

Last question is it even viable to power 6 RGB fans and the AIO pump via one RGB header on the motherboard through the TT sync controller or would that fry the header on the motherboard?

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E with two addressable rgb headers

Thermaltake Floe Riing LED RGB 360 TT Premium Edition including Molex powered controller, not AURA compatible

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X, AURA compatible.

Thermaltake TT Riing Trio 14 RGB (140mm, 3x), including Molex powered controller, not AURA compatible

Thermaltake Sync Controller TT Premium Edition (SATA, 9x)

Thanks to everybody taking the time to read this 😊
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