Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 600W PSU Review

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Jun 11, 2014
Based on this review, I wouldn't buy the thing for half its listed price. How the devil did it get a Gold rating, anyway?


Oct 25, 2014
You would only need 2 pcie cables since these psu are designed for sff builds, with only 1 gpu since you also use a m-itx board.
This power supply is a disaster. It does not have working protection circuitry and should be a 450W unit, not a 600W unit.

This thing sucks.

This unit is a 450W power supply IMO. Basically, Thermaltake probably took their 450W power supply, slapped 600W on it, kept the same amount of PCIe cables, and called it a 600W power supply. This power supply is stupid, I don't know who would buy it. That's just my opinion of course, but safety should be the most important thing of a power supply, and even thought it didn't blow up, if it had 510mv of ripple at 110% load, imagine what it had at 140% load before it shut off? Probably 2000mv of ripple. There goes the GPU. There goes the CPU. There goes everything!

But Thermaltake knows that not a single person who purchases this thing will have done their PSU research, and therefore not a single person buying this thing will probably have a system that demands more than 250-300W. Thermaltake preys on the vulnerabilities of the uneducated, it's a disgrace, it's disgusting.

You wouldn't need a 600W power supply with an SFF build period. It razzes my berries that the mere fruit of the existence of this thing is an example of an unethically engineered product that nobody needs but is designed for those who don't know what they don't need.

Not until the Corsair SF Series was released while I was sitting behind a desk at Corsair did I realize just how many people use SFX power supplies in full size cases. Absolutely AMAZES me. So.. yeah...
As much as I give Tomshardware a lot of pain for many of their articles This one is a very solid test.
The PSU is one of the most important parts of the PC (Id say its THE most important), so a good review of a PSU is always welcome.

Well done toms.

Yeah but this is not what I'd call competition... Nobody needs to compete against Thermaltake's product since it stinks.


Sep 15, 2016
GOOD QUALITY as usual on Enhance but seems they need smart enginiers to up level to the designs. wireless etc

The Gold rating is efficiency only. It could be a screaming jet with extreme ripple and as long as it meets the efficiency at the key points, it can get Gold certified.

Luck enough many SSF users would never run into the units flaws because many SFF systems are pretty power friendly(Even if the end user wants to have 600 watts and uses 350).

Corsair is still winning the race hands down.

The biggest flaw lies in its non-working protections, and a short could cause current to increase, and since OCP is set way too high, ripple could amount to 1.5V and literally kill hardware IMO.

Mike Adams

Oct 10, 2014
looks like a solid build with good capacitors but I don't trust Thermaltake products. their stuff has bad reviews all over the Internet. since they source all the components from China they might be counterfeit. For $120 I'd rather buy a reputable brand like Antec or Corsair
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