Question Thermaltake TR2 500W Explodes

Aug 20, 2020
This was bad news since I have 3 more working OK.

It destroyed an AMD motherboard with a high current pass through on the 5VSB
supply line. Taking out my NForce 2-250GB chip.

I dismantled the TR2 supply to find a blown powerFet 2SC3535, also two blown
open power resistors 2.2Ohm, 1.8Ohm these in the primary circuit.
replacing all components still supply would not start up.
On further investigation, found feedback winding blown off transformer pin under T3
Suggesting a high fault current passed from collector winding and 415V DC supply to gate drive circuit via feedback winding. Looks very much like a construction fault in the manufacturing of the Ferrite cored transformer T3.
The hidden 10A fuse failed to blow in mains circuit.
It's almost impossible to repair , designed as a throw away if faulty. Like most
Chinese stuff.

looks like a Hi-pot failure caused by none isolation of high and low voltage windings.

Since I have retired and no longer have access to my works test equipment,
I could only report my suspicions to UL UK, on safety grounds.

This Chinese made power supply has cost me a Chinese motherboard.

Now looking for a better made supply BeQuite made in Germany looks promising.


You get what you pay for. Thermaltake TR2 PSUs are cheap and very cheaply built.

Honestly, I am surprised by your findings, however. I would think this unit passed safety regulation which I would assume would require proper isolation which leads me to think this could just have been a manufacturing fault in your particular unit.

Can you send pictures of the transformer in question?

Did there look to be an attempt at proper isolation in the design?