Thermaltake tr2 500W


Dec 21, 2011
Planning on getting a GTX 460 GPU but am not too sure if this psu is good enough to handle. Does anybody have any experience with this psu? I got it for $35 and do not plan on upgrading to a higher-end graphics card anytime soon. Also, I am not looking into overclocking either. Just the basics. The PC is used occasionally for gaming (mainly total war and age of empire series) amongst internet use and school work. If I am better off with another psu, please suggest a good quality psu. Looking at spending $90 max. Thanks in advance for all the replies
Other specs

AsRock Extreme4 z77
i5 3570
Samsung 128GB SSD
Corsair Vengence 8GB
Thermaltake power supplies are CRAP! Especially their TR2 series.

Better power supplies
Corsair TX650W
Antec HCG 620W
XFX 650W
Seasonic S12II 620